What on Earth is a RAKlamation, you may be asking yourself right now.  Don't worry, we made the word up, because that's the kind of stuff we like to do here at The Project.  We had been talking a lot about the importance of positivity, and how it may not be easy to get to, can really change things drastically and quickly once you start injecting it into your daily life.  There are so many different ways to make each day and life overall more positive.  You can change your perspective, change the tone and the way you ask questions to others and yourself.  You can try to win the game, or you can decide that you don't accept the rules or parameters of the game laid out before you, and straight up change the rules of the game... or even change the game all together.  The power to do all of these things is right between those two ears of yours, and once you unlock just a little extra space up there, that you weren't accessing before, you will see a snowball effect of new possibilities open up before your very eyes....or maybe it is right behind your eyes, anatomically speaking, but I digress.  The Navy SEALS have what they call The 40% Rule.  This primarily applies to exercise, I believe, but certainly transcends into almost everything we do.  The thinking is that when your brain tells you that you're about to the edge of your capacity and it is time to quit, that you really have about 40% left in the tank, but the brain has lots of safeguards built in to protect you from harm.  That being said, we are obsessed with accessing that 40%, and reporting any tips and tricks directly to you.  

One thing we do know is that having a positive mindset can make you more productive, more engaged, more of a pleasure to be around, more creative, more passionate, and pretty much just more awesome, and that becomes impossible to keep a secret from others.  We are always trying and wanting to share anything we learn with you all, so that we can all benefit from any of our findings on how we can improve and reclaim our lives.  We have been experimenting with small acts that can improve your mindset, and the mindset of others...even strangers.  I think in the world today, we are bombarded constantly with so much negativity, pending doom, despair and all sorts of other things, when most of us have a deep need for more positive influences in our lives. 

So now on to the point, We want to start making a positive influence on the planet, and if we have to do that one person at a time, that is how we will do it for now.  The RAK in RAKlamations, stands for Random Acts of Kindness.  These can take little to virtually no extra effort on our part, save for a little mindfulness of each social interaction you have a chance to commit one of these, but can have a huge positive impact on the person, even stranger, you are directing it to.  Next time you're checking out at the store, or on the phone with customer service, tell them how appreciative you are of their help, or be goofy tell them they're awesome and doing a great job, or that they made your day.  Go out of your way, usually just a bit, to inject some positivity and genuine appreciation into your interaction with them, and see how it changes the interaction, see how it changes their day, and after one or a few of those each day, see how it makes you feel. 

What we'd like you to do, if you're interested, is to sign the pledge, and join us in this endeavor where we will issue a small challenge each week to encourage us all to leave a little more positive impact on the people we cross paths with and see what kind of an impact we can have.  These challenges will be something like, give 10 strangers high fives this week, or make one stranger laugh or smile each day.  We will be getting footage of our takes on completing these challenges, and posting them to our YouTube Channel.  We certainly don't expect you to do the same, but if you'd like to, we'd love for you to submit that and we will come up with a way to post it or work it into videos on the site here, or the YouTube Channel.  This is a crazy idea, and a total pilot program, but we really think the timing could not be better to put some effort, and a call to action for those of us who realize that more positivity is needed in the world today, and start putting our opinions into actions, showing people how easy it can be to positively effect others.  And who knows, you may even learn that simply doing that, also positively effects you as well.  Join the Project...I dare you!

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