Project Reclamation Podcast: Episode 1 - Meet the Tripod

Tim:     Alright welcome to project Reclamation.  My name is Tim I'm here with Steve in San Diego, and we’ve got JB in Nashville Tennessee.

JB:       What's up.  Nashville, Nashy Nash.  This is weird, we’re like a whole country apart but when people listen to this it'll feel like we're in the same room.  I love that.

Tim:     Yes.

JB:       Technology.

Tim:     It’ll feel like we're in the same room.  So guys, it’s our first episode.  We're going to try and bring this to you weekly.  What is Project Reclamation?  Project Reclamation is something the three of us came up with.  It was kind of born with Steve and I talking, and I had just recently made some changes to my life, including losing a bunch of weight which I'm still doing.  And Steve was like dude... well Steve, you tell the story.

Steve:  You know honestly, that’s pretty much it.  There's not too much other than that, other than we've been friends for our whole lives.  I have and I seen you try and change and I just try to make changes myself to and in my emotional life and social life and I just felt like it was time to change.  I think we all needed to change, it’s that quarter life crisis.  So, we kind of hit that up and Project Reclamation, reclaiming our lives, was born. 

JB:       I feel like the Turning Point here was there both Tim and I have experience some changes with work in the fact that there is less of it than there used to be, so when you when you come to that sort of, not like it's not rock bottom, but when when something hits you like that you either can you know become a victim or you can change for the better.  I think we're both in the areas of our life where, you know we’re in our mid 30s, and we’re not the most mature people, but we have mature past certain point.  When something like this happens, you want to figure out a way to make it better.  There was just kind of so many things that had piled on top, that I think Tim you were the kind of the Catalyst, and Steve and I were right there behind you in wanting to make a change and really really just kind of grasp the opportunity to make that change, and that’s kind of where Project Reclamation is based, in it’s foundation.  We all are at the point where we’re ready to do this.  We're ready to help people and get help from people.  We've been friends forever and we've seen each other struggle and be successful and at this point it's like well, let's take our experiences and our friendship and have that be kind of the the tripod.  We call ourselves the tripod, because there's three of us.  And lean on each other and lean on other people and and prop other people up.  And have everybody go on the ride with us. That's kind of where I'm seeing Project Reclamation.  Motivation, experience, ultimate success you know ultimately success is what we're going for, but success is a ride, so that’s kind of where I see this.

Tim:     Absolutely.  I mean from my point of view, the way it happened for me.  I've done a lot of stupid things and great things in my life and like you guys both mentioned, we've been friends for our whole lives so we've all been there for that, but this one was kind of like JB said.  Some situations changed, and a wise baboon once told a lion, “the past can hurt, you can either run from it or learn from it”.  We decided to learn from it.  I think JB and I both made the decision that when our employment futures change that we would take that opportunity to reclaim our lives.  I think that for me, I had let my health and some other things get on the back burner, because I was working a thankless job.  So I decided to take the the bull by the horns, so to speak, and kind of tackle that.  Steve was like, “oh man you’ve gotta like put this stuff on Instagram, and Twitter, and Facebook.”  And I was like, “Dude, ok,” …. And then I had this idea.  A podcast, a website, let’s make a movement.  A big part of it for me was as I started making changes I saw that other people were inspired to make changes of their own, and that was cool. So we decided, hey, let's let's give this to more people and we’re no gurus, we’re no experts.  We’re just a few guys trying to make some positive changes to our lives and improve ourselves, so let's see if we can get other people to come along the ride with us, and maybe our stories will be inspiring to some of you people and maybe your stories will be inspiring to us, but either way we can all kind of learn and grow together

JB:       Well, I feel like too.  A lot of these. You listen to self help people, and stuff like that and they give you these broad ideas to have to ingest and swallow and it’s like yeah, that’s really really inspiring, but for me personally, I need something smaller. I need that small goal, to have that success and then and keep it going that way.  Maybe that's just me not listening to them, but the way my mind works is I need like these tiny little snippets of of success to really get to the next step and I feel like a lot people do too.  I feel like that’s why so many people fall off the wagon when they’re on their journey to doing what they need to do, because, they have these lofty goals, and the distance between the next goal is so great, that they get discouraged.  That's kind of another motivation I think with this is that it's a constant stream of here's what we're doing today.  Hey man I had a setback. Oh well that's fine.  You know in having this huge support group in following us on this journey that if that'll help other people see that it just takes a little success here and there and then those little successes will add to bigger success in whatever you’re trying to do.

Tim:     We've had conversations about motivation and how you need that big overarching goal, but as human beings it's really hard to look at a giant step or a giant journey and figure out how to do it.  So once you have that goal you’ve got to break that down into smaller goals, and break those down into smaller goals, until you have your daily victories.  Unless you’re seeing some sort of results, it’s going to be hard to stay the course.  Take the marathon, break it down into miles, and break each mile down in the steps.  Then every step you’re seeing okay, well I did that, so now I can take another one, and another one.

JB:       Yeah, exactly.

Tim:     So Steve. 

Steve:  So if you’re listening to this out there, and you’re wondering….this is Steve.

Tim:     Steve was over there zoning out.  So reclaiming our lives, I mean Reclamation, that was your word you came up with it tell me about that.

Steve:  You know, honestly I was driving my sweet ride, and if you guys don’t know this, I have a very sweet car. 

JB:       It's awesome.

Steve: It looks like a 14 year old girl’s dream car, almost like a Barbie car come to life. as cruising to the streets of San Diego and I said to myself boy I need it I need to make some changes in my life, just from the outside façade, and even on the inside too.  And I thought well you can easily try to make yourself into something you’re not, or you can try and build up who you are, and I thought of the word reclamation because you reclaim your life also reclay like as in clay, something you can mold, something you can fix, something you can create a new shape or size and that's what it was, kind of re-tooling your life a little bit. I want to let you know guys, honestly, one of the biggest thing in the world I’ve ever found is that people need support.  People need support all the time and you may be listening to this and you say well I don't really have any friends, everyone I know is kind of successful.

JB:       You do now.

Steve:  Everyone I know is just killing the game.  Everyone I know is just having the best time of their lives and look at me woe is me.  But maybe that’s not the case, or maybe you just stumbled on us and were like oh these three guys are struggling just like I am.  Man at least I know I have that support at least I know I'm not the only one out there kind of making the changes in my life and just kind of struggling with those changes.  So please just listen and like Tim said we're no experts, we're just three regular dudes who happen to be friends and we’re still maintaining that friendship today, even over this podcast format because we wanted to help support each other.  And if you don't have any kind of support out there and you need some support, just listen to us, and we’ll certainly want to listen to you.  Drop ua  line send us some information, tell us about your struggle, because we want to hear it.  That helps build us up and hopefully it’ll build you up too.

Tim:     Yeah, I mean that was our idea.  We want to build a community…a movement, so hey, we're doing it so we want…I know there's people, cuz I've been there so many times, who are either trying to make a change you want to make a change or you’re thinking about making a change.  Steve is going to have his examples of things he's done to reclaim his life, and this is a project, so we're always working on it.  I'm going to have my things, JB's going to have his things and you're going to have your things.  And maybe they’re the same ones we have, maybe not, but our goal is to have this community, this movement, this group where we can kind of lean on each other and you know that, maybe you have to support people around you maybe you don't, but you know that there's people out there with us, and you, and everyone else, that are… we're there for you, we’re rooting for you, we’re pulling for you.  We're going to try and dish out as much advice as we can give through our own experiences and through other people's experiences and things we've learned, and hopefully you'll share that with us, but we just want to inspire everybody to improve themselves, make themselves better, and don't ever put yourself on the back burner for other things.  For JB and I both it happened to be a job.  A thankless job where we were breaking our backs for people who didn’t care.  So that's why we're here.  To be a support structure, hopefully to inspire you guys to make that change and if we can help you through it that’s what we’re here for.  And having you guys out there to support us that's going to help us get through what we're doing, so that's the idea.

JB:       There’s three of us, we all lived, we all grew up together we have been friends since high school.

Steve:  For too long.

Tim:     Too long.

JB:       Yeah, I know, right.

Tim:     This might be the end.

JB:       We've all lived very different lives and I think that experience will appeal to people, I hope.  In that it’s not three roommates, that have lived together.  We’re all bringing three very different points of view.  Hopefully we can relate and make it more accessible for people to come in and be like okay well yeah you know I can relate to Steve more than JB, or Tim over Steve, so that was that was another reason…

Steve:  Trust me ya’ll, whoever’s listening to this, we couldn’t be three more opposite people.  We just happened to grow up in the same area, go to the same junior high, high schools, all that and then we just ended up becoming friends.  Yeah that's pretty much it, just friends through proximity.

JB:       Yeah…

Tim:     Real quick JB.  So Steve, I think you’re going to bring the most entertaining answer to this question…well it’s not really a question.  Can you describe each of the three of us in your words.

Steve:  Alright well let's see, here I go.  Tim, I’m gonna go with Tim first.  You’ve got to imagine like a CFL offensive lineman right, that happened to get cut in in his 6th year.  Like just a big burly dude.

JB:       Why CFL?

Steve:  Because he didn't make it to the US Pros, he didn't quite make it

JB:       He’s like The Rock, he didn’t quite make it.

Steve:  He had aspirations.  The best things that didn’t happen, were probably the best things that did happen for him.  He's got this thick, burley beard, that's not San Diego chic…it's a little too thick for San Diego right cuz it's 73 degrees right now and it's January.  Well yeah man, I don’t know.  He’s got a little bit of the Chandler Bing hair, from Friends…spiky on top and he's got muscles for days but yeah just offensive lineman kind of body.  He’sgood looking.  Yeah, good lookin.

Tim:     Thanks buddy.

Steve:  Yeah man, and used to have a snore that would rattle paint off the walls.  Yeah, that’s Tim.  then JB. JB is also, you know.  I don’t know man.  I don’t even know how to describe him.  I’d describe you in the same format, because both of ya’ll played football.  Man I'm just going to say JB you had this…last time I saw you, you had this very very thick goatee, like ZZ Top done did a Mohawk right down the center and just got rid of all the side fuzz right.  It was real thick, and then you wear a lot of flannel, very country…actually I don’t know if you even wear flannel anymore.  I just remember you wearing Tank tops, tank tops and just showing off your muscles.

JB:       For all you country music lovers, I pretty much dress like Porter Wagoner.

Steve:  Yeah, there it is.  Me being…I'm a Chinese guy, so obviously don't let this baritone base fool you.  You guys are listening to a Chinese guy, and obviously I have that 6’4” frame 240 all muscle, look good no matter what I wear.

JB:       Steve is Jaws from the James Bond franchise.  You’re the original Jaws.  No no wait…who was the guy that threw the hat? The shoe?

Steve:  No that was Jaws alright, he was 6’4” 240… The guy that metal teeth…no, I don’t even know.

JB:       No no no, the thick Asian dude that threw his hat.  What was his name?

Steve:  Yokozuna?

JB:       No

Tim:     Dude, I don’t remember.

JB:       E Honda basically.

Steve:  So, we’re asking all this information, so that shows you how far we go back.  

Tim:     So yeah, we go way back so we're going to jump off on tangents, hopefully you guys are are entertained by it, if not I'm pretty sure there's a little skip ahead 30 second button on your podcast app.  So that's us, Tim, JB, Steve.  JB is in Nashville, Steve and I are here in San Diego.  We’re here to help you guys out.   What to expect.  We have a ton of different topics we want to cover including motivation, diet, exercise, work, what are your anchors that are dragging you down.  These are all things that we're going to cover, but we hope that you guys enjoy the show,

JB:       Yeah, we’d love to hear what everybody needs help with.

Tim:     Reach out to us and then let us know what you guys want to hear.,  that's that's our email to reach out to us anytime.  Let us know what you guys want to hear.

JB:       Yeah, so that sums it up.  So this has been the first episode.

Tim:     I know this one was kind of short.  We don't really have a time length for this podcast, I can tell you it’s not going to be three hours.

JB:       It’s basically going to be like a monkey humping a doorknob for the first few episodes.

Steve:  If you’re riding in LA traffic this may not take you very very far.

Tim:     You may want to wait until we have 6 or 7 episodes if you’re in LA traffic.

Steve:  Wait until you’re doing the stairmaster for like 7 minutes.

JB:       Listening to this over and over again, will be better…or worse, than being in traffic for 4 hours.

Steve:  Yeah, we set our goals either very high, or very low.

JB:       It all depends on how you look at it.

Tim:     We're going to have some fun segments here in some of the next shows, we just wanted to do one that was kind of an intro, so you can figure out who we are, why we're doing this, what we're doing, and see if it's something you're interested in, but for now I'll just kind of wrap up some of the things that that we talked about.  Anybody, anyone out there who wants to make a change, who's thinking about making a change, who just wants their life to be a little bit better, or wants a little bit more control of their life, this this podcast for you.  This is why we're here.  So what is it that you want?  Figure that out, what is the one change, then you want to figure out why.  Why do you want that change?  I need a new job.  Why?  I need a bunch of money.  Why?  I need to get into a relationship, or get out of a relationship, or a new relationship whatever it may be I need to lose weight, I need to gain weight. Why?  Because when you figure out that why, then it becomes important to you and then you have a drive.  Once that is established, then you break that goal into smaller goals and you break those goals into smaller goals, and then you have your first steps.  So that’s our episode, that's what I'm going to leave you guys with here today.  One way I'd like to end the show…do either of you guys have a motivational quote you'd like to share?

JB:       Well to kind of pertain to this episode, “The Journey Of A Thousand Miles begins with one step.” and it sounds cliché, but it's extremely true

Steve:  I like it.

Tim:     I like it.  That’s it guys.  So, figure out what that journey is and then we're rooting for you to take that first step.

JB:       Seriously come join us.  Come join up in the project.

Tim:     Join the project

JB:       Project Reclamation


My Journey: All the Dirty Details

by: Tim Frick

I have been trying to figure out what to write about, and it dawned on me.  I need to share my journey and what I've been doing so far to get here, and how that has been a catalyst to everything else.  Some of you have been following my journey, or parts of my journey on YouTube and on the podcast, so I thought it prudent to give you all of the steps I've taken, and all the down and dirty details of that so far.

About 8 months ago, and for a long period of time before that, I weighed close to 500lbs...475 to be exact.  I was working a very demanding, and mostly thankless job, and I was living to work, not working to live, which was part of the problem.  That, and I had just put my health, my weight management, and a lot of other things that matter, on the back-burner.  I have been an athlete, and athletic my whole life, so according to all vital stats, I was still relatively healthy, but I knew that wouldn't last.

I left my job, back in October of 2017 and it was then that I decided to take control over certain aspects of my life that I had let slip, and first of foremost was my weight and my health.  I am a guy who has struggled with weight my whole life and have tried pretty much every diet known to man...some successful, others not so much.  At this point, I started doing a sort of bastardized hybrid of Paleo and Keto.  I know they're two very different things, and my apologies for anyone who is a purist prescribing to one or the other.  This may sound weird, but for me it came down to grains and cheese.  I can give up grains, but I'd rather not give up cheese, so I ended up basically doing a Paleo with less grains and some dairy...which is close to Keto, but like I said, it doesn't really matter, because that is what worked for me.  Above all else, I think the most effective diet really is the one that works for your, that you can do in the most painless way possible and not feel like you're punishing yourself too much, otherwise it will be near impossible to stick to.

With that I was able to lose about 20-30lbs and at that point, after lots of research and talking to lots of people, I made the decision to get bariatric surgery, more specifically gastric bypass.  This is not something I mean to gloss over, as it is a very contentious subject and a subject that arouses a lot of discussion.  I'm not making light of the subject, and it is something I take very seriously.  It is greatly misunderstood, I think, and there are going to be and were lots of supporters, supporters who didn't quite understand what I was doing, lots of questions, and critics as well.  I was talking to a friend, who is very intelligent, and she asked me, "How much weight have you lost since the surgery?".  I said "a little over 70lbs."  Then she asked me "How much weight did you lose from the surgergy?"  It was then that I realized some, or maybe even most, people don't understand the surgery.  I can go into detail on all that in another post, but they don't take anything out of you, all I did was trade in one set of problems for another.  It's been a rough road, but I have absolutely no regrets.  The short of the long, is that I lost 60lbs leading up to the surgery, I had the surgery at the end of December and I have lost a little over 70lbs since then, totaling 132lbs so far.  

One of my best friends was a big critic at first.  He didn't understand why I didn't want to do it a different way, and the way I explained it to him was that I'm here, and I want be and deserve to be at a certain place, and that is where I want to live the rest of my life.  I'm almost 36 yrs old and the longer it takes me to get to where I want to and deserve to be, the less of my life I have to be there and enjoy living there.  This resonated with him and there isn't really a right or a wrong way to do it, or do to anything it is you want to do.  It is just a tool that I had access to and decided to use.  I say if there is something you want to do, take stock of all the tools you have access to and any of them that is a healthy, responsible option that can help you get to where you want to be in the best and quickest way possible, go for it. 

For me it was originally a health thing, but it has infused so much life into me.  I have focused on myself, and that sound selfish, but it has made me such a more positive, productive, passionate, focused, more awesome version of myself and that has given me the ability to be that much better and more present to the ones I care about and love and want to help.  Every morning I wake up with all these ideas and thoughts and things I want to share...need to share with as many people possible.  I want to share it with you,and with the world...and this is how Project Reclamation was born, this is how the Podcast was born and the YouTube channel and this is why I'm doing all this.  I want to share my journey and hopefully inspire as many people as possible, to join me and to take the first steps in making any changes you want to make with your life.  

It took me like a week and half to decide how I wanted to share this and how to take every detail of my journey public.  I was waiting for some sort of inspiration, then I realized that I am my inspiration.  I've been my inspiration for the last 8 months and it is my job and my duty to get this out and if it helps anyone...even one person...then that is worth it to me.  I'm nothing special, I have no super powers, or anything special...I'm just a guy doing a thing to make my life better, and if that is inspiring at all to you or to anyone to make changes and join me in making your life better than that is exactly what I'm trying to do.  

This is me, and this is my journey.  I'm far from done, and the road is long and tough, but I'm doing it and I'm loving it.  To anyone who is reading this and anyone who will listen, I love and appreciate the support, and I want as many people as possible to join me and if I can inspire you to take even the first steps towards whatever it is you want to do.  I'm with you, I'm here to support you, and I'm sure there are more people than you realize that are in your corner as well.  So this is me, and this is what I'm doing.  Send me your questions, your comments, your feedback and anything else, I'd love to hear from you.  Go out and do something to make today a little better than yesterday.  Success doesn't happen overnight, it's hard work and consistency that adds up and leads to success.