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the artist…

JB is a family man, living is Nashville, TN.  He has had a passion for art and music his whole life, and successfully pursued a career in sound engineering, photography, and production.  He has spent over a decade as a sound technician for a number of commercially successful bands and been on the road for just as long...traveling the world.  These days, he prefers to stay home and focus on being the best dad and husband he can be.

Like Tim, JB has struggled with weight his whole life, and also like Tim, he has had successes and failures.  He made the decision to finally wrangle the proverbial bull, and make some permanent life changes to start running life, and stop letting life run him.  Since JB and his partners in crime made the decision to reclaim their lives, JB has begun to put a dent in his issue and is crushing it.  He is already a healthier, happier version of himself, and that is just one more thing that makes him a better dad and husband.