The Story


One day you look in the mirror and realize that you have let things go.  Your fitness, your health, your life have all taken a back seat to everything else in life.  Maybe it's your job, your family, your excuses, your procrastination, or a laundry list of other possibilities.  No that these aren't important things and things you should prioritize, but too often we don't make room for ourselves and control of our life on that priority list.  For me it was my job.  Breaking my back for years, putting my health and myself on the back burner, to benefit and impress a company and people who really didn't value me at all.  It wasn't until I was let go from this job, that I realized what I had been putting off and decided that it was time to make a change.  I changed the way I ate, the way I exercised, and the way I prioritized my time, my focus and the hours in the day, to reclaim my health and my life.  I started getting in better shape, the pounds I had resolved to lose so many times, suddenly started falling off.  My attitude, my confidence all started to improve drastically.  People around me started noticing the changes, and then they were inspired to make changes of their own.  I set out on a journey to reclaim my life, but started noticing that my success and my journey was inspiring others to join me, and begin their own journeys of reclamation.  

It was then that we sat down and decided that we needed to take this momentum and turn it into a movement.  PROJECT RECLAMATION was born.  For me, it took a drastic event, or a proverbial "rock bottom" to wake me up to the changes I needed to make to improve and reclaim my life, but it doesn't have to happen that way.  It is open enrollment time to join us in this journey and start your own path to reclaiming your life.  There is no membership cap, and we are no experts or leaders, just regular people like you.  Join us in our journey to reclaim our lives.  The most important project you will ever work on is yourself.  So join us on the project...PROJECT RECLAMATION.